Genessi speciality foam mattresses integrate technology with advanced foams to create a robust yet yielding and breathable structure. This structure perfectly adapts to individual body shapes, providing high levels of comfort and support.

Foam has become such a widely-used material because it provides such a unique combination of form and function.

Foam can also be adapted to provide very supple or very firm cushioning for any given application.

In short, Memory Foam and Poly-Latex have transformed the way we think about mattresses. For instance, in France, over 70% of people don’t sleep any other way.


The Active Air De Lux is the unmatchable combination of two advanced foam layers. This high quality partnership makes the Active Air De Lux one of the most advanced Genessi beds while providing both comfort and support.


The Active Air Plush has the powerful combination of two advanced foam technologies that truly makes this mattress both comfortable and supportive providing you with a complete nights rest.


Our latest range of infused foams now incorporates aeration technology, which uses micro air channels to allow air flow.


The Dream Comfort has a Rotator on the sleep surface on both sides of the mattress, increasing the longevity of this Memory Sense mattress.


Let this Dream Support take you into comfort every night with advanced Latex Flex technology that provides a more luxurious and plush comfort layer.


Advanced Support Cell technology, ensuring optimal support where it is needed most


Smart Active layers provide a firm sleep experience. Increased density, flexibility and elasticity provide optimal support where it is needed most.